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After many decades, the music industry. Declining music sources like youtube. One of the most entertaining moment for us is the way to earn money. The best music streaming is Spotify, apple music and googles play music, have a look to the best in all the three:

Google music  
Google Play Support

Google play music access all music which launched in 2013 and it boots more than millions of the songs. A user can easily download approx. 56,000 of them own songs to play music which is added to the library, which is one of the best ways to carry multiple collections of the songs. 300 MB space. You can add any song to your collection and each song. Read more info so click on  Google Play Music Customer Service 

It cost some charge approx $ 10 in which six-member or seven-member can contain it. But if you want to use google play music, it's easy to use. But you have limited authority to use this music account to listen to music. each account has the ten authorized devices. Read more on Google Play Music Customer Support



It advertises approximately 30 million songs and it was launched in 2008. It started to support video from 2016 and podcast also. it also supports desktop applications.
it cost approx $ 10, it reschedules the plan according to the number of user in 2016 and now they are with apple and google play music. You can access a family plan in $ 15 per month. it is good for students.

Apple Music: launched in 2015
Apple music is a beat music and it includes approx 30 million songs. it the user can easily download up to ten thousand songs. it is almost the google play music. it stores place 200mb for a single song uploading in your phone.
one of the best things about the apple is that it has 24 X 7 live music that plays pieces of music. It cost approx $ 10 to a single user and for a family, the cost is about $ 15. it does not have any free versions.
when we talked about it. Spotify and google play has an equal advantage.
for more information please contact  Spotify Customer Service .
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